At times, your furnace may be in need of a new filter, a new part, or even replacement. In any case, only a licensed professional should be doing the repairs, and like any licensed professional, they cost money.

Spending money when it is unnecessary isn’t an activity we recommend to anybody.

We have seen it happen numerous times in the HVAC industry and it is understandable because some of the technology can be confusing.

So, if you’re having furnace problems, here are 8 things to inspect before calling a licensed technician:

  1. Make sure the furnace fuse or breaker is ON. 
  2. Ensure the furnace switch is on.
  3. Check the battery on your thermostat.
  4. Check if your thermostat is set correctly.
  5. Check the status of your furnace filter.
  6. Clear all snow from any vent terminations.
  7. Ensure that furnace access panels are fully re-installed after filter replacements.
  8. Check for obstructed airflow (Return air grills)

If none of these tips have worked, you may have a more serious problem on your hands, which means it’s time to call a professional.

Delta T Heating and Cooling technicians are always experienced, bonded, factory trained and licensed. We will service your equipment with incomparable professionalism.