Frequently Asked Questions2016-10-23T14:28:50-04:00
What is a Service Call?2016-04-03T17:33:51-04:00

Service Call is basically an initial visit by our licensed technician to perform diagnostics on the equipment and includes travel Time to attend to your home or office and diagnostic to provide you with expert and honest advise regarding your broken heating or cooling equipment. The Service call charge remains unchanged If we are able to repair the equipment without changing any parts.

What if a part needs to be changed?2016-04-03T17:34:02-04:00

We will provide you with an upfront written quote if you need to replace any part on your equipment. Rest assured… there will be no hidden charges. You pay what you see on the quotation.

Can I purchase a part for my furnace from you?2016-04-03T17:33:38-04:00

No, we do not sell parts for furnace or air conditioner to general public. We believe in a safe environment for you and your family. All our technicians are licensed and authorised to properly diagnose and repair any gas fired appliance and we trust their judgement only.

What brand do you service?2016-04-03T17:34:25-04:00

We service all major brands of furnace, air conditioners, tankless & humidifiers.

Such as Payne, Keeprite, Goodman, York, Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Luxaire, Mitsubishi, LG, Aeroflo, Navien, Bosch, Rheem, and many more.

What brands do you install?2016-04-03T17:34:52-04:00

We are proudly selling Payne, Keeprite, Goodman in GTA for years now.  Regardless of the name it is the quality of installation that matters. A furnace or air conditioner’s life expectancy is determined on the day it is installed. We proudly stand behind our products.

What kind of warranty is provided?2016-04-03T17:35:11-04:00

All parts replaced by Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. Comes with Exceptional 1 year parts warranty and 30 days labour warranty to ensure that the same part doesn’t fail on you in a short period.

What is annual tune-up?2016-04-03T17:35:34-04:00

Annual Tune-up includes a complete maintenance cleaning and lubrication of the heating or air conditioning equipment components. A well tuned up furnace or air conditioner lasts long and have fewer chance of breaking down unexpectedly. A well tuned up equipment will perform better and at rated efficiency by the manufacturer.

A door knocker claiming to be from my utility provider told us that our furnace is illegal, what now?2016-04-03T17:36:18-04:00

Confirm with your utility provider (e.g. Enbridge) if they have sent someone to your home.

If you have hired someone to inspect your heating system and if they found any discrepancies with the installation or the equipment itself, legally a licensed technician in Ontario is required to issue a Red Tag for that equipment and depending on the situation he/she may turn that equipment off. They can’t just leave the system running in the found condition without warning owner and the utility provider.

If you suspect that you are being scammed, please get a second opinion. Call Our Office at 416-710-4858 to book a second opinion and we will be glad to assist you.

Why is my outdoor air conditioner unit icing up?2016-04-03T17:36:03-04:00

There are Four main reasons for a condenser unit outside to freeze up

1 Low refrigerant: In most cases, freezing up is caused by a leak in the refrigerant lines. Weak solder joints, friction from piping rubbing or vibrating against an object, leaking valves or loose fittings can cause leaks. The length of time your system has been installed and the type and location of the leak will determine whether to have the system repaired or replaced.

2 Dirty indoor coil: the evaporator coil will become dirty overtime. The system will lose airflow, slowly enough that you probably would not realize it until it freezes up or is not cooling adequately. Please Call 416-710-4858 to remedy the problem. A preventative maintenance of your A/C will take care of this situation.

3 Defective blower motor or relay: A blower motor operating at the wrong speed or not running at all can cause freezing. It can also be sporadic, starting at full speed and slowing down after it heats up. Or a relay could cause it to start one time and not the next. Either way, Contact Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. @ 416-710-4858 to resolve the problem.

4 Dirty Air Filter: the air filter in your furnace plays a big role in cooling season. It should be replaced on a regular basis. Lack of air flow through the indoor coil may lead to freeze ups and may shorten the life of your outdoor condenser unit.

My CO alarms went off, what should I do?2016-04-03T17:36:34-04:00

Immediately evacuate the property and Call 911 if you or any occupants of the building are feeling sick, dizzy or pregnant.

You can ventilate the house by opening doors and windows. If CO alarms stops it doesn’t mean that there will be no more CO. Please Call 416-710-4858 for further assistance.

Should I repair or replace my unit?2016-04-03T17:37:02-04:00

Repair versus replace is a common question our HVAC technicians receive, and is almost impossible to answer without a technician taking an in-depth look at your system. The heating and cooling experts at Delta T Heating & Cooling Inc. can help diagnose your heating or cooling system and recommend the necessary next steps – repair or replacement.

How often should I have my heating & cooling systems serviced?2016-04-15T09:33:19-04:00

We recommend servicing your HVAC equipment once per year to ensure that systems are performing safely and efficiently.
Neglected systems require more repairs, and airflow may be restricted due to dirt and debris buildup.
Proper HVAC maintenance improves the lifespan and energy efficiency of your equipment.

How can I protect my heating & cooling investment?2016-04-15T09:31:38-04:00

The best way to ensure longterm performance of your HVAC system is to schedule regular inspections. Our Maintenance plans can save you 20 percent or more on equipment maintenance, and include annual inspections of your air conditioning and heating systems. Preferred Customer
members also enjoy 15 percent savings on future parts and repairs, and are moved to the front of the queue when scheduling repairs and service.