Water Heaters

After space heating, water heating is the second highest energy expense for most homes.  It accounts for 20-25% of your energy bill. Natural gas water heaters provide reliable and affordable supply of hot water all year round.

Your hot water supply should be worry-free, reliable & economical. That’s why we offer high-quality, energy-efficiency water heaters that work great and provide a long term, trouble free service.

In Ontario,  most homeowners rent the water heater.  To buy or to rent, depends on how you look at it. In straight cost terms, over time, buying is a better deal. Since a typical water heater lasts about 12-15 years, owning trumps renting after six or seven years, assuming no maintenance is required over that time.

The cost of renting a water heater (in Ontario) is between $13 and $27 a month,  depending on the size and type of the heater. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs or replacement.  When you factor in the convenience and no-charge repairs & service, renting may be worth the extra cost.


There are two main types of water heaters: those that have an insulated storage tank to hold hot water until it is needed, and those called tankless, which only heat the water as it is needed. Tankless models tend to be more energy efficient but have lower throughput than models with storage tanks. Throughput means the amount of hot water produced in a given amount of time.

Both types of water heaters come in versions powered by electricity, natural gas, or liquid propane. Electric models cost the most to operate and are the least energy efficient.


Many water heaters come with long warranties between 5-12 years. but the majority of the warranty period only covers defective parts. Most water heaters come with a full replacement warranty for the first year and a defective parts warranty of 6 and 8 yrs on the tank. Most brands structure their warranties in a similar manner.

Storage Type Water Heaters                            Tankless Water Heaters