Gas piping for BBQs, Stoves, Pool Heaters

  • Fuel is automatically provided so you won’t run out even during the biggest barbecues.

  • Natural gas is cheaper than propane at typically 1/6 of the cost of propane.

  • Natural gas is classified as a greenhouse gas. Propane is not even though it is also an environmentally friendly fuel.

The biggest pro in using a gas stove is the cooking. Turning on a gas stove gets you an instant, constant flame that you can adjust visually – no wondering if the stove is on or off, hot or cold, or if it’s on the right setting.

The flames produced by a natural gas stove also cook food more quickly and evenly, because the flames spread themselves along the bottom and sides of the pan. For homeowners who really enjoy cooking, these are big plusses.

An often overlooked advantage to using a gas stove is the cost of operating it. If your home is already using natural gas – which off sets set up costs – your operating and energy costs will be lower with a gas stove than with electric.